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Update of investment conditions

(to avoid new wave of fraud)

The replacement of the commission for the quick withdrawal of the deposit body with a two-week freeze made a month ago did not work off: most investors did not accept this as planned in accordance with the marketing plan. And the indicated 2 weeks of freezing turned for them into a kind of "investment circle": these thoughtful gentlemen deposit funds, receive up to 20% refback from monitoring, after 2 weeks they withdraw body + accrued interest and deposit again, under a new RCB from monitoring.

If it were only a refback, then we would have closed our eyes to the new scheme. But the referral commission for the same deposits in this case we have to pay twice a month, and this is 16% (in addition to the accruals on the balance sheet), which turns the project from a stable long-term to a less stable medium-term (with our expenses in the region of 30% per month instead of the planned 10-12% + RCB, which according to the plan should have been distributed not even for a month, but for a longer investment horizon). At the same time, for an investor (taking into account a high refback), the real monthly yield with such a “strategy” can be up to 50%, closely approximating our long-term project to low-stability fasts. If we would like to offer investors fast conditions, we would launch just a fast project. It is clear that such a situation does not suit us and we decided to fix it.

Starting July 1, 2020, we will return to the commission system (in this case, canceling any freeze in principle!): as a reasonable compromise for investors and the project administration, withdrawing any amount from the body of deposit (the amount of the actual input for the period, excluding accrued interest, which can be withdrawn freely) in the first 30 days it is subject to a penalty fee of 30%, from 31 to 60 days the commission will amount to 20% of the withdrawn amount from the body of deposit, from 61 to 90 days - only 10%, after which the funds of the body of deposit can be withdrawn freely in accordance with current conditions.

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Such a measure will allow us to realize marketing expectations that are as close as possible to those planned for the long-term and uninterrupted operation of the project, and investors can earn good money (even on a minimal plan, taking into account the RCB, more than 50% of profit for 3 months comes out). And what could be better when the expectations of investors and the administration coincide?