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Marx Capital officially launched!

Big news below!

As planned, from June 1, Marx Capital begins its full-fledged work! For this significant date, we have prepared a major update of the system, fixed several identified errors and prepared a wonderful gift for our future investors. But first things first!

The main page of the site has been significantly updated: we have added 2 new languages (now the site is available in 3 languages: English, German and Russian), as well as a news twitter and news channel in Telegram.

In addition, for the convenience of users, an online consultant has also been added to the site, who can be asked any question in real time.

Please note that previously launched promotions (including all types of bounties, about which more information can be found in the corresponding section of the Personal Account) continue their work in the previous mode. Except for the updated welcome bonus promotion.

Yes, due to the beginning of the "low" season in the investment sphere, as well as as an event dedicated to the official start of Marx Capital, we are increasing the size of the welcome bonus from June 1 to August 31, 2020 - up to 10 US dollars!

Well, congratulations to all on the first day of summer and invite you to join Marx Capital and start earning (according to the precepts of the titan of economic thought Karl Marx) your 300% per annum!

Let’s briefly remind you why you need it and how the welcome bonus works:

  • the welcome bonus is credited to the balance immediately upon registration of the account to all users;
  • accruals for a welcome bonus are automatically included when the account balance becomes more than the minimum input amount (plus the bonus amount). This means that now, having received 10 USD of a welcome bonus, you just need to top up your balance by at least 10 USD and receive accruals already from 20 USD!
  • it is not necessary to deposit funds to receive accruals - it can also be activated by money received from an affiliate program or accumulated in the Bounty program.
  • if the account balance becomes less than 20 USD (10 - your own and 10 - bonus), then the accrual for the welcome bonus stops and also automatically starts again when the balance returns to the required size.