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Small update of investment conditions

To avoid fraud

Our Asian friends have always been quick-witted. In Marx Capital, too, there were participants trying to "break the system." In general, the scheme used by them is extremely simple:

  • invest 10 USD
  • receive increased refback from monitor (some offer $ 3.5 refback for a 10 USD deposited)
  • immediately withdraw all available money from the balance with the payment of a standard withdrawal commission (10%)

The output was such mathematics:

  • 10 USD deposited
  • 3.5 USD received as refback
  • request 10 USD (what deposited) to withdraw (with paying a commission of 10%, that is, 1 dollar)
  • total: for several hours (depending on the speed of payment of the refback by the monitor) from 10 USD it turned out 12.5 USD

We would not pay attention to one-time wise men, but this practice began to acquire an avalanche-like character, therefore we decided to update the investment conditions in order to avoid further abuse: all deposited funds are blocked for withdrawing the body for 14 calendar days.

And to make the medicine sweeter - we cancel the standard commission for withdrawing the body of the deposit (10%, valid for the first 2 weeks after input) - now, after a two-week hold after deposited, you can withdraw funds of the body of the deposit without paying it.

Please note: the remaining fees (1% for the withdrawal of every $ 50 one-time, etc.) remain valid.