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Investment Codes

How to withdraw with no fees?

Having already received several requests from investors to ease the conditions for withdrawing the body of the deposit in the first 30-90 days, we began to think how this can be done without compromising the stability of the project. Investment Codes are the result of our brain activity.

The Investment Code allows one investor to transfer part of his balance to another without withdrawing it from the system (for example, as a gift or as a result of a cash sale).

Plus for the seller:
- he gets the opportunity to use part of the money (or all) from his balance before the expiration of the penalty period

Things to Remember About Investment Codes:

  • You can create a Code at any time, if your account meets the current requirements for this (see below), even if formally your deposit has not yet been completely unfrozen (even though you have deposited it today, and tomorrow you created a code and sold it to another investor)
  • For the testing period, the minimum balance for activating the ability to create Codes is set - $ 50 (if your balance is less, then when you try to create a code, you will be prompted to replenish it with the missing amount)
  • The minimum amount of the generated code is $ 1
  • For the buyer of the Code, the replenishment of the balance by the Code is counted as a normal input, and, therefore, all the rules of normal input apply to the amount entered through the Code (including the commission for withdrawing from the body of the deposit during the penalty period)
  • If the Code is created, but not activated in another (or the same) account, no interest is charged on this amount, since it is actually withdrawn from the System. Therefore, the Code should be created exactly at the time of the transaction with the Buyer.

Plus for the buyer:
- you can buy the Investment Code at a discount - after all, it is much more profitable for the seller to give a couple of percent discount to the Buyer of the Code than to pay a penalty for early withdrawal from the body of the deposit of 20-30%

Carl Marx and F. Engels

Working with Codes is extremely simple:

  • The creation of the Code takes place in the Withdrawals section - you simply select the Create Investment Code as a way to withdraw funds.
  • The code is activated in the Deposits section, where the Enter Investment Code is selected by the method of replenishing the account.

For security reasons, the generated code is not shown in the account, but is sent to the registration mail by letter, so you can be sure about your money, even if someone else gets access to your account.