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Information for monitorings

and other promoters

If you, as a promoter, received payment for listing from our project, this means that your balance should never fall below the invested amount.

For example, we paid you $ 250 for a premium listing, of which, by agreement, you should invest in a project of 200. After investing, you will have $ 200 + a welcome-bonus (now it is $ 1), a total of $ 201, s which you will receive daily accruals (and request them for withdrawal), which according to the listing rules you should report on the forums. And this amount should be on your balance sheet for life.

As an ordinary investor, you can invest your own funds in the project, but when you withdraw them, the part that you received for the listing should remain untouchable, to ensure your obligation to publish reports on the forums on the accrued payments and their payment.

If you (like any project participant) have any additional questions - contact the Support Service directly from your personal account and we will respond promptly.