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Great Marketing Update

What's new?

Today, a significant event took place - Marks Capital is moving to a new level, significantly increasing its interest and significantly increasing profits for its investors!

The main update is as follows: the new Tariff Schedule increases the return on investment.

1. With an account balance (including a welcome bonus and referral rewards, as well as accruals under the Bounty program) up to $ 300, 3% of this balance is now accrued per day.
2. If the balance is between $ 301 and $ 3,000, the daily accrual is 4%.
3. And finally, if the balance is more than $ 3,001, the daily accrual for such professional investors is 5%.

Another update concerns the welcome bonus - its size ($ 10) was left unchanged, and it is still credited to everyone upon registration in the project. However, accruals for this bonus now start only if the account balance is at least $ 110 (including the bonus itself).

It is important to understand:

  • accruals are not limited in time - as long as your balance meets a certain level, you receive the corresponding amount of accrual (3, 4 or 5% per day);
  • if you have deposits made at previous rates, you just need to top up your balance by any amount to switch to a new rate scale, while your entire balance will be taken into account when determining the current daily interest. Example: if your balance is $ 200, then you just need to invest $ 101 to get 4% per day;
  • if you do not want to add new money, but want to receive profitability according to the new tariff scale, it is enough to withdraw your old balance and bring this amount back at new interest (and - do not forget about the referral bonus from your upline, which you get);
  • do not forget about such a pleasant phenomenon as compound interest - those who have used it since the start of the program six months ago have received much more significant income than was offered by standard marketing;
  • due to a significant increase in daily profitability, early withdrawal is canceled (the exception is the withdrawal of previously made deposits, this update does not apply to them). The deposit is included in payments.