What is blog?

What is blog of Marx Capital?

And why is it needed?

The news section on the site does not correspond to the breadth of intent, the format of the news does not imply close communication with the reader. The company’s blog allows revealing a wider range of topics, one way or another concerning the development of Marx Investments Limited in general and the Marx Capital investment project, in particular.

In this blog you will find not only a dry selection of news, but also an analysis of strategies for working in the project to get the best profitability, explanations of the rules for participation, information about promotions, contests and events. The articles that will be published on the Marx Capital blog will allow you to begin to better understand the world of high-yield investments, realize the opportunities that open in it and prepare for existing objective risks, knowledge of which will allow you (including using tools developed within the framework of Marx Capital ) not only avoid annoying mistakes, but also compensate for losses already suffered in other projects.

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Prelaunch of Marx Capital!

Prelaunch of Marx Capital

We are testing our systems

The development of the project concept began more than a year ago and the first real step in its implementation was the registration of a company in the United Kingdom (check). At the beginning of this year, we proceeded to create an engine capable of implementing all the functions that we had conceived. And now here is the result of this long work.

From April 30 to June 1, 2020, Marx Capital is in the stage of open testing, since a lot of technical ideas were implemented, some of which may not work as expected. It is precisely to identify such annoying errors and mistakes that open testing is conceived: now you can register in the project (through a direct or referral link), deposit and withdraw funds, earn money on a bounty program, and start building your affiliate networks. And on June 1, we officially begin full-fledged work, which will allow our investors to build an understandable and transparent system of real passive income.

Welcome to Marx Capital!

Karl Marx