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Compensation applications accepted untill project official launch date.

UPDATE of May, 28: The Promotion has been extended until January 1, 2021!

In 2019, many investors participated in our fast project, which, for technical reasons, did not work as well as predicted. In this regard, the Marx Capital Project Administration decided to fully compensate for the losses of investors in the project last year. The indemnification rules are as follows:

  • to receive compensation, you need to register with Marx Capital with the same wallet number with which you participated in DogDream (to check for an unpaid balance in the database)
  • after that you need to apply for compensation for DogDream in free form to the email [email protected] with your Marx Capital login, wallet number and investment amount (this is not necessary - we will still check against the base)
  • after receiving an application from you and its positive consideration, 10% of the unpaid balance will be credited to your account balance in MarxCapital without any additional conditions (you do not even need to make a deposit) and you can withdraw them to your wallet
  • the remaining 90% of the unpaid amount will be credited to the non-withdrawable (bonus) balance of the account and you will receive daily accruals from them for lifetime in accordance with the working amount of the account (from 0.3 to 0.9% per day). A prerequisite for receiving accruals for compensation is that the amount of your own funds is greater than the welcome-bonus (given the fact that the welcome-bonus is now 1 USD - the first compensation received of almost any size will allow you to receive accruals from the rest of the compensation amount - as long as you have at least more on your account than 1 USD (2 taking into account the size of the welcome-bonus), for lifetime

It should be borne in mind that the compensation bonus accrual stops if the working amount on the account becomes less than 2 USD (taking into account the welcome bonus) and automatically resumes when the account balance again exceeds this amount

The working amount on the account balance is not necessarily the funds you entered, it can also be a reward from the referral program or for a bounty (search for errors on the project website, advertising activity on social networks), as well as the first part of the compensation credited by the Project Administration to your balance.