Great Update of MarxCapital Marketing!

Great Marketing Update

What's new?

Today, a significant event took place - Marks Capital is moving to a new level, significantly increasing its interest and significantly increasing profits for its investors!

The main update is as follows: the new Tariff Schedule increases the return on investment.

1. With an account balance (including a welcome bonus and referral rewards, as well as accruals under the Bounty program) up to $ 300, 3% of this balance is now accrued per day.
2. If the balance is between $ 301 and $ 3,000, the daily accrual is 4%.
3. And finally, if the balance is more than $ 3,001, the daily accrual for such professional investors is 5%.

Another update concerns the welcome bonus - its size ($ 10) was left unchanged, and it is still credited to everyone upon registration in the project. However, accruals for this bonus now start only if the account balance is at least $ 110 (including the bonus itself).

It is important to understand:

  • accruals are not limited in time - as long as your balance meets a certain level, you receive the corresponding amount of accrual (3, 4 or 5% per day);
  • if you have deposits made at previous rates, you just need to top up your balance by any amount to switch to a new rate scale, while your entire balance will be taken into account when determining the current daily interest. Example: if your balance is $ 200, then you just need to invest $ 101 to get 4% per day;
  • if you do not want to add new money, but want to receive profitability according to the new tariff scale, it is enough to withdraw your old balance and bring this amount back at new interest (and - do not forget about the referral bonus from your upline, which you get);
  • do not forget about such a pleasant phenomenon as compound interest - those who have used it since the start of the program six months ago have received much more significant income than was offered by standard marketing;
  • due to a significant increase in daily profitability, early withdrawal is canceled (the exception is the withdrawal of previously made deposits, this update does not apply to them). The deposit is included in payments.

Investmet Codes – How to withdraw with no fees?

Investment Codes

How to withdraw with no fees?

Having already received several requests from investors to ease the conditions for withdrawing the body of the deposit in the first 30-90 days, we began to think how this can be done without compromising the stability of the project. Investment Codes are the result of our brain activity.

The Investment Code allows one investor to transfer part of his balance to another without withdrawing it from the system (for example, as a gift or as a result of a cash sale).

Plus for the seller:
- he gets the opportunity to use part of the money (or all) from his balance before the expiration of the penalty period

Things to Remember About Investment Codes:

  • You can create a Code at any time, if your account meets the current requirements for this (see below), even if formally your deposit has not yet been completely unfrozen (even though you have deposited it today, and tomorrow you created a code and sold it to another investor)
  • For the testing period, the minimum balance for activating the ability to create Codes is set - $ 50 (if your balance is less, then when you try to create a code, you will be prompted to replenish it with the missing amount)
  • The minimum amount of the generated code is $ 1
  • For the buyer of the Code, the replenishment of the balance by the Code is counted as a normal input, and, therefore, all the rules of normal input apply to the amount entered through the Code (including the commission for withdrawing from the body of the deposit during the penalty period)
  • If the Code is created, but not activated in another (or the same) account, no interest is charged on this amount, since it is actually withdrawn from the System. Therefore, the Code should be created exactly at the time of the transaction with the Buyer.

Plus for the buyer:
- you can buy the Investment Code at a discount - after all, it is much more profitable for the seller to give a couple of percent discount to the Buyer of the Code than to pay a penalty for early withdrawal from the body of the deposit of 20-30%

Carl Marx and F. Engels

Working with Codes is extremely simple:

  • The creation of the Code takes place in the Withdrawals section - you simply select the Create Investment Code as a way to withdraw funds.
  • The code is activated in the Deposits section, where the Enter Investment Code is selected by the method of replenishing the account.

For security reasons, the generated code is not shown in the account, but is sent to the registration mail by letter, so you can be sure about your money, even if someone else gets access to your account.


100 days online! ACTION!

100 days online and ACTION!

Take your bonus now!

100 days of successful Marx Capital work online is behind! We congratulateall of our investors on this wonderful event and announce a festive promotion: all balance top-ups from now during August, 16, inclusive, will be encuraged with an additional eternal deposit of 10% of the top-up amount. And according to the results of the promotion, we will mark the largest amount (if during this period there are several top-ups in one or several currencies to one account - they will be summed up) with a separate premium deposit of anoters 5%!

100 days online!

EXAMPLE 1: you invested 100 USD - you will get to your account 100USD, 10 USD (summer Welcome bonus) and 10 USD (10% from 100 invested). TOTAL: 120 USD from which you will receiving daily income.

EXAMPLE 2: you created new account and invested 350 PM (August, 9), 50 PAYEER (August, 10) and 120 USD (in BTC equivalent, August, 12)). You get to your account 520 USD + 10 USD (welcome bonus) + 52 USD (10%). TOTAL: 582 USD. And if your investment is largest for period from now to August, 16 - you will get additional 5% of invested 520 USD (+26 USD).


Update of investment conditions (to avoid fraud).

Update of investment conditions

(to avoid new wave of fraud)

The replacement of the commission for the quick withdrawal of the deposit body with a two-week freeze made a month ago did not work off: most investors did not accept this as planned in accordance with the marketing plan. And the indicated 2 weeks of freezing turned for them into a kind of "investment circle": these thoughtful gentlemen deposit funds, receive up to 20% refback from monitoring, after 2 weeks they withdraw body + accrued interest and deposit again, under a new RCB from monitoring.

If it were only a refback, then we would have closed our eyes to the new scheme. But the referral commission for the same deposits in this case we have to pay twice a month, and this is 16% (in addition to the accruals on the balance sheet), which turns the project from a stable long-term to a less stable medium-term (with our expenses in the region of 30% per month instead of the planned 10-12% + RCB, which according to the plan should have been distributed not even for a month, but for a longer investment horizon). At the same time, for an investor (taking into account a high refback), the real monthly yield with such a “strategy” can be up to 50%, closely approximating our long-term project to low-stability fasts. If we would like to offer investors fast conditions, we would launch just a fast project. It is clear that such a situation does not suit us and we decided to fix it.

Starting July 1, 2020, we will return to the commission system (in this case, canceling any freeze in principle!): as a reasonable compromise for investors and the project administration, withdrawing any amount from the body of deposit (the amount of the actual input for the period, excluding accrued interest, which can be withdrawn freely) in the first 30 days it is subject to a penalty fee of 30%, from 31 to 60 days the commission will amount to 20% of the withdrawn amount from the body of deposit, from 61 to 90 days - only 10%, after which the funds of the body of deposit can be withdrawn freely in accordance with current conditions.

carl marx & engels

Such a measure will allow us to realize marketing expectations that are as close as possible to those planned for the long-term and uninterrupted operation of the project, and investors can earn good money (even on a minimal plan, taking into account the RCB, more than 50% of profit for 3 months comes out). And what could be better when the expectations of investors and the administration coincide?


Small update of investment conditions [unactual!]

Small update of investment conditions

To avoid fraud

Our Asian friends have always been quick-witted. In Marx Capital, too, there were participants trying to "break the system." In general, the scheme used by them is extremely simple:

  • invest 10 USD
  • receive increased refback from monitor (some offer $ 3.5 refback for a 10 USD deposited)
  • immediately withdraw all available money from the balance with the payment of a standard withdrawal commission (10%)

The output was such mathematics:

  • 10 USD deposited
  • 3.5 USD received as refback
  • request 10 USD (what deposited) to withdraw (with paying a commission of 10%, that is, 1 dollar)
  • total: for several hours (depending on the speed of payment of the refback by the monitor) from 10 USD it turned out 12.5 USD

We would not pay attention to one-time wise men, but this practice began to acquire an avalanche-like character, therefore we decided to update the investment conditions in order to avoid further abuse: all deposited funds are blocked for withdrawing the body for 14 calendar days.

And to make the medicine sweeter - we cancel the standard commission for withdrawing the body of the deposit (10%, valid for the first 2 weeks after input) - now, after a two-week hold after deposited, you can withdraw funds of the body of the deposit without paying it.

Please note: the remaining fees (1% for the withdrawal of every $ 50 one-time, etc.) remain valid.


Official Start of Work!

Marx Capital officially launched!

Big news below!

As planned, from June 1, Marx Capital begins its full-fledged work! For this significant date, we have prepared a major update of the system, fixed several identified errors and prepared a wonderful gift for our future investors. But first things first!

The main page of the site has been significantly updated: we have added 2 new languages (now the site is available in 3 languages: English, German and Russian), as well as a news twitter and news channel in Telegram.

In addition, for the convenience of users, an online consultant has also been added to the site, who can be asked any question in real time.

Please note that previously launched promotions (including all types of bounties, about which more information can be found in the corresponding section of the Personal Account) continue their work in the previous mode. Except for the updated welcome bonus promotion.

Yes, due to the beginning of the "low" season in the investment sphere, as well as as an event dedicated to the official start of Marx Capital, we are increasing the size of the welcome bonus from June 1 to August 31, 2020 - up to 10 US dollars!

Well, congratulations to all on the first day of summer and invite you to join Marx Capital and start earning (according to the precepts of the titan of economic thought Karl Marx) your 300% per annum!

Let’s briefly remind you why you need it and how the welcome bonus works:

  • the welcome bonus is credited to the balance immediately upon registration of the account to all users;
  • accruals for a welcome bonus are automatically included when the account balance becomes more than the minimum input amount (plus the bonus amount). This means that now, having received 10 USD of a welcome bonus, you just need to top up your balance by at least 10 USD and receive accruals already from 20 USD!
  • it is not necessary to deposit funds to receive accruals - it can also be activated by money received from an affiliate program or accumulated in the Bounty program.
  • if the account balance becomes less than 20 USD (10 - your own and 10 - bonus), then the accrual for the welcome bonus stops and also automatically starts again when the balance returns to the required size.

New payment systems

New payment systems

ETH & BTC added

In our investment program, 2 new payment systems were added that you can work with to deposit and withdraw: they are Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. There are several factors to keep in mind:

1. it doesn’t matter in what currency you deposited funds, you can withdraw to wherever it is more convenient for you (of course, while the wallet should be specified in Settings)

2. if you order the withdrawal to not same wallet where you deposited from (example - deposited in the PerfectMoney, and withdraw to BTC) - the payment can be sent for manual processing according to the rules up to 24 hours

3. The minimum amount is, for deposit, the equivalent of 10 USD, for withdrawal - the equivalent of 0.1 USD

4. so that the deposit or withdrawal goes without excesses associated with fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies - do them with some margin (11 instead of 10 for input and 0.2 instead of 0.1 for output)

5 (UPDATE). For deposits in BTC, you need to wait for 3 confirmations, for ETH - 12 confirmations


Information for monitorings #2

Information for monitorings #2

and other promoters too

What was described in the previous record was not clear to all monitorings.

Therefore, we slightly optimized the display in the Personal Account: if the user invested a listing (advertising) amount, it is deducted from the balance available for payment (now you do not need to consider it separately - you can simply withdraw immediately the amount that is shown in the Payouts section as available to the wathdrawal).

But at the same time, of course, interest is accrued taking into account it.


Information for monitorings

Information for monitorings

and other promoters

If you, as a promoter, received payment for listing from our project, this means that your balance should never fall below the invested amount.

For example, we paid you $ 250 for a premium listing, of which, by agreement, you should invest in a project of 200. After investing, you will have $ 200 + a welcome-bonus (now it is $ 1), a total of $ 201, s which you will receive daily accruals (and request them for withdrawal), which according to the listing rules you should report on the forums. And this amount should be on your balance sheet for life.

As an ordinary investor, you can invest your own funds in the project, but when you withdraw them, the part that you received for the listing should remain untouchable, to ensure your obligation to publish reports on the forums on the accrued payments and their payment.

If you (like any project participant) have any additional questions - contact the Support Service directly from your personal account and we will respond promptly.



Action for participants of

Compensation applications accepted untill project official launch date.

UPDATE of May, 28: The Promotion has been extended until January 1, 2021!

In 2019, many investors participated in our fast project, which, for technical reasons, did not work as well as predicted. In this regard, the Marx Capital Project Administration decided to fully compensate for the losses of investors in the project last year. The indemnification rules are as follows:

  • to receive compensation, you need to register with Marx Capital with the same wallet number with which you participated in DogDream (to check for an unpaid balance in the database)
  • after that you need to apply for compensation for DogDream in free form to the email [email protected] with your Marx Capital login, wallet number and investment amount (this is not necessary - we will still check against the base)
  • after receiving an application from you and its positive consideration, 10% of the unpaid balance will be credited to your account balance in MarxCapital without any additional conditions (you do not even need to make a deposit) and you can withdraw them to your wallet
  • the remaining 90% of the unpaid amount will be credited to the non-withdrawable (bonus) balance of the account and you will receive daily accruals from them for lifetime in accordance with the working amount of the account (from 0.3 to 0.9% per day). A prerequisite for receiving accruals for compensation is that the amount of your own funds is greater than the welcome-bonus (given the fact that the welcome-bonus is now 1 USD - the first compensation received of almost any size will allow you to receive accruals from the rest of the compensation amount - as long as you have at least more on your account than 1 USD (2 taking into account the size of the welcome-bonus), for lifetime

It should be borne in mind that the compensation bonus accrual stops if the working amount on the account becomes less than 2 USD (taking into account the welcome bonus) and automatically resumes when the account balance again exceeds this amount

The working amount on the account balance is not necessarily the funds you entered, it can also be a reward from the referral program or for a bounty (search for errors on the project website, advertising activity on social networks), as well as the first part of the compensation credited by the Project Administration to your balance.